Luke Stevenson

Troubleshooter, Code Wrangler and General Mr Fix-It

I have an aptitude for self-education and technology with a decade of experience within engineering roles, specialising in fault investigation and resolution. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others and taking on challenges to further test and develop my own skills and knowledge.

Luke Stevenson

Skills & Experience Summary

Computer Skills / Programming

  • Database Management and Interaction including SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • Web Development - PHP, HTML/HTML5, XHTML, XML, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (including jQuery, AJAX), Responsive Webdesign.
  • Server Management - Apache and Unix.
  • Network Management and Design - IP, Ethernet, etc.
  • Highly proficient in use of Microsoft Office (Excel, Powerpoint and Word).

Self Education / Skill Development

  • Self-taught in all of above.
  • Strong drive to expand my comfort zone and learn new skills and techniques to handle new challenges.
  • Qualified (VETAB) as a Small Group Trainer to help develop skills of colleagues.
  • Thirst for knowledge.

Technical Aptitude & Experience

  • >13 Years in Web Development.
  • 5 Years in Customer-facing Technical Fault Management Team.
  • 4 Years in Tier 2 Team for Fault Management Team.
  • 8 Years reverse-engineering the Optus HFC Network to develop reporting strategies, training material and workflows for fault investigation and restoration.
  • 5 Years in Tier 1 Network Management Centre.
  • Exposure to majority of Optus mainline products (Local, National, International, Mobile, Data)
  • 11 Years in a Volunteer Emergency Service, 8 Years in a Management role.

Employment History

Lucanos Solutions

Programmer, Web Developer, Consultant

2006 - Present

Establishing my own freelance business as a second income stream, I have been working under contract on a number of projects involving web development, consulting and photography. These activities provide me with a good insight into market demands and the direction of current advances with regards to information technology. It also provides me with ongoing opportunities to expand and refine my development, project management and programming skills.

  • Website design, development & maintenance, including Content Management Solutions.
  • Investigation and resolution of technical difficulties involving established software, custom programs/scripts and server difficulties.
  • Management of client and supplier relations - managing conflict, negotiations to ensure greatest possible margins alongside lowest possible costs.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, HTML5 (incl. HTML5 Video), XML, CSS, Smarty, Javascript (incl. jQuery), LAMP, Open Source Packages (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)

Saatchi & Saatchi (Publicis Healthcare)

Senior Web Developer

2011 - 2012

Joining the newly established Publicis Healthware International team, I am working as part of a small group developing IT solutions for a number of global and well-known healthcare companies.

  • Creation of iPad-based training and product education packages.
  • Development of website for marketing, customer education, communication and information management purposes.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, HTML5 (incl. HTML5 Video), XML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript (incl. jQuery), LAMP, Open Source Packages (Wordpress, Joomla, CakePHP, etc.)

Singtel Optus

Network Engineer

2004 - 2009

Working within a medium-sized team, I assisted in providing around-the-clock monitoring, maintenance and support for the Optus National Network, specifically dealing with local, national and international voice traffic, SMS and associated services.

  • Handling of network faults, including major outages affecting critical services and equipment.
  • Liaison with other technical workgroups, such as engineering, field services, customer service, customer fault management and other related groups.
  • Prompt and effective handling of special and sensitive requests from Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Pro-active reporting and investigation of network conditions to reduce impacts to services.
  • Design, development and deployment of systems to assist with workplace co-ordination, knowledge storage and reporting.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, Google Maps, LAMP, Perl, Linux, Open Source Packages (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)

Employment History

Singtel Optus

Project Manager / Web Developer (Secondment)


As the lead for an internal project, I investigated opportunities to develop internal solutions for Knowledge and Information Management within the Network Management Centre and the Networks Division as a whole. As the only person allocated to this project full-time, my role spanned everything from high-level planning to develop a big-picture solution through to liaising with users and representatives to ensure that the solution addressed their needs through to the actual coding and programming of the system itself.

  • Creation of a Project Plan, identifying distinct phases for development and classification of goals which corresponded with those phases to provide a simple evolution of the system and usage.
  • Investigation, installation and adaptation of Open Source solutions to create a single integrated system. (This produced massive savings on licensing costs, support and later development.)
  • Creation of a website design and layout, which provided for easy identification of the system, navigation through the provided menus and systems, and also further customisation to allow individual workgroups to tailor the site to their needs and establish their own identity.
  • Analysis of existing knowledge management and information storage solutions, their strengths and weaknesses and planning their migration of into the solution.
  • Communication of project achievements and challenges to the team leaders in charge to ensure that they were aware of the current status of the system and the associated needs as they arose.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML (incl. RSS), CSS, Javascript, LAMP, Linux, Open Source Packages (Wordpress, Joomla, etc.)

Singtel Optus

Project Co-Ordinator (Senior Analyst)

1999 - 2004

Working within the small Customer Fault Management Tier 2 team, I provided an internal escalation point for difficult, repeat or escalated customer faults and investigations. In this role I deal with difficult and sensitive or high-value customers, as well as legal and regulatory matters.

  • Handling of repeat, difficult and unusual customer faults.
  • Investigation of fault trends to identify root causes and options for proactive resolution.
  • Liaison with vendors, internal stakeholders and providers to ensure the work practices used within the Tier 2 & Tier 1 groups were the most effective and efficient possible.
  • Development and delivery of training material to the Tier 1 group to address skills gaps identified by fault trend analysis.
  • Discussions with vendors to escalate and resolve fault trends identified within their equipment.
  • Acting for my manager during periods of absence or high demand, including management of the Tier 2 team, attendance to workshops and other meetings and delivery of technical reports.
  • Design, development and deployment of in-house solutions to assist with fault trending, report production and workgroup performance/quality.

Technologies Used: Filemaker Pro (incl. CDML), HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript

Singtel Optus

Customer Fault Consultant

1998 - 1999

Working within the Customer Fault Management (CFM) group on a 24/7 rotating roster, I provided a first point of contact for customer faults and technical enquiries with regards to the Local Access Telephony product. I performed first level investigation and diagnosis of faults, then applied a resolution, provided customer education or escalated to an internal group for action.

  • Managing customer complaints, sometimes involving an irate or upset customer.
  • Communicating with many customers (internal and external) with differing levels of technical aptitude and experience to communicate the details of the problem and gain further information and assistance to develop a solution.
  • Education and development of members of my team on the technical and procedural guidelines and resources governing this role.
  • Preliminary reverse-engineering of the Cable (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) Network to develop working guidelines and procedures to expedite the diagnosis of faults and the handling of their resolution.
  • Analysis and reporting on workplace statistics (Fault Data, ACD Call Records, etc.) to accurately record the performance of our team, and other teams in the group.

Technologies Used: Filemaker Pro (incl. CDML), HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript


Volunteer Employment

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Rescue Co-Ordinator [Volunteer]

2013 - Present

As the head of the Rescue (Field Operations) Section of the Ku-Ring-Gai Unit. In this role I am responsible for the management, training and support of all volunteer members who take part in SES Operations. The Rescue Section comprises around 70 members and around 80% of the full unit strength.

This role's focus consists of both the delivery of emergency assistance to members of the community, as well as driving the culture within the organisation to engage, motivate, retain and develop our volunteer members.

  • Team management, mentoring/coaching/training.
  • Large-scale incident and disaster management.
  • Identification and encouragement of leadership potential within the section.

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Team Leader [Volunteer]

2010 - 2013

As part of the Field Operations/Rescue Division of the Ku-Ring-Gai Unit. In this role I was responsible for the management, training and support of a team of 15 members, spanning various levels of experience, and skills. This includes management in the field, on job sites and during major operations, as well as management of their personal development and coaching to ensure that they gain the skills and experience required of a volunteer rescue member.

  • Team management, mentoring/coaching/training.
  • Supervision of members on jobsites and during major events.
  • Identification and encouragement of leadership potential within the team.

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Technical Officer [Volunteer]

2006 - 2013

As part of the Information Technology Management Team for the Administration division of the Ku-Ring-Gai Unit. In this role I am responsible for the maintenance and support of servers (both shared remote web hosting and a local Fedora server) along with the design and development of the applications and resources hosted on these servers.

  • Desktop support for internal users, specifically dealing with Windows XP.
  • Supervision of training within the department, including delivery of training sessions and individual coaching.
  • Troubleshooting of systems which rely on externally provided services (email, SMS, etc.)
  • Development and support of internal solutions for SMS, email and other requests for assistance from the community to ensure speedy and reliable communication to our teams.

Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML, XML, CSS, Javascript, LAMP, Perl, Linux, Third-party Services via API (Clickatell)

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Deputy Rescue Officer [Volunteer]

2004 - 2009

As part of the management group for the Rescue division of the Ku-Ring-Gai Unit, which comprises around 70 members, I was responsible for direct management of crew members when on jobs, higher level management of crews and resources during field operations and the training of members.

  • Management of teams and other resources throughout a designated area during operational periods.
  • Supervision of training within the department, including delivery of training sessions and individual coaching.
  • Co-ordination of Team Leaders and to ensure coverage 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Rescue Team Member [Volunteer]

2002 - Present

As part of one of the teams forming the Rescue division of the Ku-Ring-Gai Unit. In this role I take part in SES field operations. As a team member I maintain, operate and train in the use of various pieces of rescue and first aid equipment.

  • Establishing order from chaos. Working within a team, or taking command of a situation as needed.
  • Managing stressful and dangerous situations, both within myself as well as assisting other members of the team or community to deal with their own reactions to these situations.
  • Providing one-on-one coaching, or group instruction on technical and practical skills to ensure that their skills development continues throughout their time in the position.


Emergency First Response

Senior First Aid


Administration of first aid, management of casualty and emergency situation, handling multiple casualty scenarios.

Scuba Schools International

Rescue Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver


I completed three consecutive courses with "Big Blue Diving" of Ko Tao, Thailand. After successfully completing all assessments, I was certified as a Rescue Diver under the Scuba Schools International (SSI) acceditation body.

New South Wales State Emergency Service

Multiple In-House Courses

2002 - Present

I have completed a number of courses related to emergency operations and equipment. With NSW SES being an accredited VETAB training organisation, these courses are recognised nationally.

Singtel Optus

Multiple In-House & Vendor-supplied Courses

1998 - 2009

During my employment with Optus, it was essential to stay current with the emerging trends within the industry. As a result, I attended a number of in-house courses as well as a number of courses offered by vendors such as Nokia, Comverse (Voicemail), Alcatel, Nortel, etc.